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Features and Benefits of Myers Rustler 4" Submersible Well Pumps

When it’s time to purchase a pump for your well, there are so many things to consider! The choice can quickly get pretty complicated.
Which brand of the pump would be the best value? Which type is best for your needs? And then there are details like whether you need a deep well pump or a shallow well pump, and should you go with a submersible or jet pump?
As pump experts, we help our customers with questions like these all the time. We’re here to help make this choice a much easier one for you! We highly recommend Myers submersible pumps, some of the industry’s best, for your pumping needs.
In this article, we’ll discuss the basics of submersible pumps, plus the features and benefits of the Myers Pumps Rustler 4” Submersible Well Pumps. This is one of the top well pump lines on the market today. Read on for all the details!

The Basics: Submersible Pumps at a Glance

For our purposes here in this article, there are two main types of well pumps: submersible and jet pumps. The significant difference between the two types is that a jet pump is located above ground, usually in a separate pump house, while a submersible pump is submersed inside your well.
Submersible pumps have a couple of distinct advantages. First, they are designed to be submerged in water, meaning they are totally sealed and built to require little maintenance. They also don’t take up any extra room since they’re placed inside the well.

The Details: Features and Benefits of Myers Rustler 4" Submersible Well Pumps

At only 4” in diameter, Myers Rustler 4" Composite and Stainless-steel Submersible Pumps are both powerful and versatile! The compact design makes these handy pumps perfect for any well larger than 4” and suitable for residential (including multi-unit housing), industrial, agricultural, and commercial applications.
There are lots of advantages to the Rustler model, and many industry professionals choose it over any other option. Some of the top benefits of this popular Myers 4" Rustler Submersible Well Pump includes:
·       Built-to-last, durable stainless-steel and composite construction
·       Efficient high-thrust Pentek XE ½ - 1 ½ HP motor gives power and performance, plus longer life
·       Self-lubricating impellers and quality seals mean it’s low maintenance
·       Built-in safety features like thermal overload and lightning protection, with an eyelet for connecting safety lines
·       With an extended service life, this pump outlasts its competitors!
Myers 4" Rustler Submersible Well Pump

An extra bonus for this particular Myer pump; It’s a submersible model, meaning you don’t need a separate pump house or any additional space for it. Drop it into place in any borehole larger than the pump itself (4+”), and this powerhouse pump will go to work for you. What’s more, it will last for years to come and require little to no maintenance over its lifespan, making it an excellent value.
When you’re looking for a top-quality submersible well pump that can handle nearly any clean water transfer situation you may be facing, you can’t beat the Myers Rustler Series Well Pump model!

A Closer Look at Myers Pumps

The Myers Company was founded over 150 years ago in 1870. Overall those years, Myers pumps have truly stood the test of time. Myers well pumps, like the popular Rustler Series, are constructed with quality in mind. They’re designed for smooth operation and built to be low maintenance.
We highly recommend the 4” Rustler Series submersible pumps, like the best-selling Myers 3NFL51-12-P4-01 model, for all your pumping needs. Your Online Myers Submersible Pumps Dealer

If you’re looking for the best deals on Myers Well Pumps, like a Myers Rustler 4” Submersible Pump or any other Myers pump, check out our full-service website. If you need any help selecting the right pump, give our highly skilled specialists a call. We are pump experts, and we’re among the largest online dealers for Myers, an industry-leading pump brand.
We carry the Myers Rustler 4" Composite and Stainless-steel Submersible Pumps mentioned in this article, as well as all the replacement parts and accessories you might need for your project. always happens to offer the guaranteed lowest prices!

Monday, March 30, 2020 is a Goulds Effluent Pump Dealer Near You

There are few more unsung heroes than the humble effluent pump. These versatile pumps are key to ensuring our homes and businesses can run functionally so we can take our mind off plumbing and continue on with our lives. But if you're pump has broken down or if you're in need of a new one, you've come to the right place.

But what exactly are effluent pumps and how do they differ from sewage pumps? Let's take a brief look at this and also check out a popular model from one of the world's leading effluent pump manufacturers, Goulds

Effluent Pumps are similar to sewage pumps in that they are capable of pumping waste solids - although these pumps can usually only handle solids up to 3/4" or less in diameter. The water typically being drained by an effluent pump is considered "greywater" as it is not sewage water, but is not clean water either. Effluent pumps are typically used to move grey water discharge from washing machines, showers, laundry tray systems, floor drains, sump pits and septic systems. The most common usage of an effluent system pump is to pump effluent water from a septic tank to a leech field. Conversely sewage pumps or grinder pumps are normally used to handle the wastewater removal from toilets. is the place to go when you have a pump need. carries a wide variety of Goulds Effluent pump series including the 2ED Dual Seal with sensor probe series, EP04 series, EP05 series, GSP series, LEP07, PE series, and many more.

These Goulds effluent pump series feature a flow range of 11-140 GPM and are capable of heads between 21’ and 130’. Manual and automatic models are available that are either single or three phase. Discharge sizes come in 1-1/2” or 2” variations. Goulds filtered effluent pumps are designed to pump filtered effluent from processed septic systems only. Multi-stage booster configurations and blaster filtered configurations are also available.  

The Goulds 2ED51C0DA is one of Goulds' most popular models. This pump is from the 2ED series. It features a 2" NPT discharge, a cast iron pump house, and a 20' power cord. It is capable of 80 GPM and 46' of maximum head. The motor runs at 1/2 HP and 115 volts.

Goulds 2ED51C0DA

More Features
  • Dual mechanical seals
  • Lower: SILICON CARBIDE VS. SILICON CARBIDE sealing faces. Stainless steel metal parts, BUNA-N elastomers
  • Upper: CARBON VS. CERAMIC sealing faces. Stainless steel metal parts, BUNA-N elastomers
  •  Seal sensor probe is located in oil-filled chamber. If pump should begin to leak past lower seal it indicates to pump control panel a fault has occurred. Requires optional Seal Fail Circuit in the control panel
  • Corrosion resistant, stainless steel shaft. Threaded design. Locknut on all models to guard against component damage on accidental reverse rotation
  • 300 series stainless steel fasteners
  • Fully submerged in high-grade turbine oil for lubrication and efficient heat transfer
  • Class F insulation motor
  • Pump ratings are within the motor manufacturer's recommended working limits, can be operated continuously without damage when fully submerged
These features set the 2ED51C0DA apart from the competition. This model certainly lives up to the Goulds' standard of rugged construction, durability and reliability. Common application for this model include farms, trailer courts, effluent systems, motels, schools, hospitals, among other industries.

Looking for a new pump can be overwhelming if you don't know what you're looking for. There's tons of different pump types and manufacturers so knowing what you need is the first step. Luckily has experts here to help.

When you’re looking for a new Goulds Effluent Pump, Goulds Parts, or Goulds Accessories, look no further than We specialize in pumps, and we’re among the largest online dealers for Goulds pumps, one of the world’s top pump brands. You can also give our talented customer service pros a call at 1-800-429-0800 and they’ll be sure to help you find what you’re looking for. also happens to offer the guaranteed lowest prices you’ll find on Goulds products!

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Berkeley Well Pumps: A Step Above the Rest

In need of a new well pump? Tired of cranking a tiny bucket up and down over and over again and starting to think a well pump would make life a lot easier? Well you've come to the right place. First let's talk briefly about what well pumps are, some distinguishing factors, and who to trust when it comes to purchasing a new well pump (hint hint: if you the read the title of this article, you already know the answer). 

What are Well Pumps Exactly?
Well pumps are used to deliver water from a well to a home that is not connected to a municipal water supply. They are also commonly used for small-scale irrigation and livestock watering. Well pumps are available in shallow, deep well convertible, and submersible designs.

What's the Difference?
The main difference between a “jet” pump and a modern “submersible” pump is the fact that a jet pump draws or sucks the water from the well to the pump. These pumps are usually located in a pump house or crawlspace some distance from the well. Submersible pumps on the other hand "push” the water rather than drawing or sucking the water up to the surface. A submersible pump never needs priming and delivers more volume and better pressure. 

Berkeley Submersible Well Pump

When it comes to well pumps, look no farther than Berkeley. Berkeley pumps have been around since 1937 and were first used to irrigate the fertile fields of the San Joaquin Valley of Central California. Today the Berkeley brand takes on the most challenging water transfer projects and residential water flow needs. They have become an industry leader through this and have some of most comprehensive product lines available. Berkeley has the products you need to move and improve water efficiently and economically. Berkeley professionally engineered high-quality, well pumps are guaranteed to deliver years of reliable efficient operation.

If you're looking for a Berkeley well pump, check out They're one of the premiere distributors for Berkeley well pumps. 

Let's take a look at one of the most popular Berkeley Well Pump models, the 10HL. The Berkeley 10HL is a convertible deep well jet pump from the ProJet HL series. This model is engineered with a close-grained cast iron body specially treated to resist corrosion. The ProJet HL convertible jet pumps offer a proven cast iron self-priming design. This pump also utilizes built-in regulators offering easier priming and better range of performance from a complete line of shallow well, 4 in. double pipe, 2 in. and 3 in. single pipe jet packages.

Some features & Benefits of this model include:

  • 1 HP
  • Motor Voltage: 115/230
  • Pipe Tapping Sizes (NPT): Suction 1-1/4 in, Drive 1 in, Discharge 1in.
  • Maximum Liquid Temperature: 140°F
  • Quality close-grained cast iron body, rugged one-piece unit, specially treated to resist corrosion. Drain port provided for easy winterizing
  • Noryl impeller is precision-molded for perfect balance… ultra-smooth for highest performance and efficiency
  • With multi-port, precision-molded, reinforced polypropylene diffuser, pump primes faster and handles more air

Berkeley 10HL

If this model doesn't suit your application, here is a brief overview of other types of well pumps made and designed by Berkeley:

Berkeley Jet Pump Convertible: Berkeley convertible jet pumps are versatile well pumps that can be adapted for either deep well or shallow well configurations with the proper fittings. This can be helpful in areas where a water table might fluctuate.

Berkeley Jet Pump Shallow Well: Shallow well jet pumps are designed to draw water from a well when the water table is less than 25 ft. underground. Many of these pumps are self-priming and come in either stainless steel or cast iron housing.

Berkeley Jet Pump Tank Packages: Packages include a horizontal pump mounted on pressurized steel tanks. Connections can be made with galvanized fittings and stainless steel clamps. These are ideal for systems with limited space. Shallow and deep well versions are both available.

Berkeley Jet Pump Vertical Deep Well: Deep well jet pumps are designed to draw water from a water table that is more than 25 ft. underground. They can be configured for either single pipe or double pipe packages.

Berkeley Submersible Well Pumps: Berkeley submersible well pump packages are designed for use in in well water systems. Popular series include the Trimline, MS and JP series. These packages include both pump and motor.

When you’re looking for a new Berkeley Well Pump, Berkeley Parts, or Berkeley Accessories, is the place to go. They specialize in pumps, and are among the largest online dealers for Berkeley pumps, one of the world’s top pump brands. You can also give the talented customer service pros a call at 1-800-429-0800 and they’ll be sure to help you find what you’re looking for. also happens to offer the guaranteed lowest prices you’ll find on Berkeley products!

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Booster Pumps Increase Water Pressure Anywhere You Need It

Booster pumps are genuinely handy little machines to have around the house, commercial business, or farm. In this article, we’ll talk about how booster pumps work in general. Then we’ll dive into why and where you might need them. We’ll also glance at some of the best booster pump options out there from the popular line of Berkeley pumps.

The Berkeley company has been around for a long time, and they offer some of the most reliable, quality booster pumps in the industry today. Looking at what they offer will make your next booster pump purchase easier by bench-marking against some of the best in the business.

What Are Booster Pumps and How Do They Work?

Booster pumps (as their name implies) boost or enhance, the water pressure in whatever application you’re using them. Several reasons you might be experiencing low water pressure include low pressure at the main source (city water main, well, or municipality), small pipes that don’t allow for good flow, long distance from the water source, high altitudes, overloaded systems with too many fixtures or appliances, or plumbing issues like clogs and leaks.

Unfortunately, a booster pump alone can’t fix major plumbing problems. But in most of these cases, a booster pump will resolve your low water pressure woes!

How Booster Pumps Work

Imagine putting your thumb over the end of a garden hose as you turn on the water. It’s going to cause the water to shoot out with more intense pressure, right? A booster pump works in much the same way. Like with your thumb over the garden hose nozzle, a booster pump creates an increase in pressure while the total water flow rate is reduced.

Boosting Pressure Anywhere You Need It

There are many benefits of adding a booster pump to your water system, but a key perk is being able to increase water pressure wherever you might need it. It works great in scenarios around your personal property like:

  •          Increasing the pressure in all your home’s fixtures (showers, faucets, etc.)
  •          Moving water more effectively to remote places like sheds, bathrooms in buildings other than your home, garages, playhouses, and cabins
  •          Getting water to a sprinkler or irrigation system for your yard, field, or garden
  •       Increasing the efficiency of HVAC systems, pressure washers, and filtration systems
  •          Supplying water to landscaping features like fountains or ponds

And in various industrial and commercial applications, like:

  •  Enhancing pressure in multi-unit facilities like apartments, high-rise office buildings, malls, airports, and schools
  • Boosting pressure and working with other types of pumps in restaurants (like with ice machines and dish washers)
  • Allowing for consistent pressure and delivery in well-water systems and municipalities
  • Providing effective irrigation and watering solutions in large-scale agricultural applications

Whether you’re a farmer, a homeowner, or a business owner, a booster pump can likely enhance your life. Because of their small size and ease of installation and maintenance, booster pumps can be added into nearly any existing or new water system. They can also easily be turned off and weatherized for seasonal use (like at vacation homes or cabins).

No matter where your water pressure needs a boost, the best booster pumps—like Berkeley pumps—have you covered.

Pentair Berkeley Pumps: Leaders of the Pack

As early at 1937, Berkeley pumps were first distributed and used to irrigate the fertile fields of California’s San Joaquin Valley. The brand is known for quality and reliability, and their pumps are popular industry leaders. Their product line is now one of the most comprehensive in the business.
The Berkeley MGP/MGPS Series Booster Pumps are best sellers and claim to be the most durable on the market. The streamlined design of the MGP/MGPS pumps prevents abrasion, corrosion, and running dry, and the sleek stainless-steel shaft is sealed to guard against leaks.

Features and Benefits of Berkeley MGP/MGPS Series centrifugal booster pumps include:

  •  High pressure booster pump with a cast iron motor adapter and base
  • Proven multi-stage design greatly reduces problems with abrasives and running dry
  •  1/2 HP and 115/230 volts
  • Gallons Per Minute (GPM): 10
  • Acetal impellers molded with precision for ultra-smooth for highest performance and efficiency
  • Dustproof cover protects all electrical components from dirt, dust and insects

Berkeley MGP10C-02 Booster Pump Your Online Berkeley Pumps Distributor

When you’re looking for the best and biggest Berkeley pump distributors with great deals on Berkeley pumps, you don’t even need to leave your house! Check us out at our full-service website or give our highly skilled customer service specialists (who are also pump experts) a call. They will answer all your questions, or if you need, they’ll help you select the exact pump style and size that’s right for your application.
We’re proud to be one of the largest online dealers for Berkeley pumps, which are some of the best and most respected pumps on the market today. We carry both the MGP and MGPS Series pumps mentioned in this article. What’s more, always offers guaranteed low prices on Berkley pumps, replacement parts, and pump accessories!