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How to Lubricate Bell & Gossett Circulator Pumps?

If you are a circulator pump user, you would know its benefit. They are designed to keep the hot water flowing throughout the system so that the water is accessible to the users. But did you know that these circulator pumps need lubrication as well? 

Lubrication is an important step for Bell & Gossett Circulator pump management, as it ensures its successful operations. It reduces the friction in the system that's responsible for the wear and tear of the product.

Moreover, lubrication ensures the long-term durability of pumps. It increases the efficiency of rotation equipment and allows moving machine parts to slide smoothly ahead of the other. 

What are Circulator Pumps, and Why is it Used For?

Bell & Gossett 106189, Model 100 NFI Circulator Pump

Circulator pumps are centrifugal pumps that are designed to circulate fluid within a closed system. They are used for circulating hot water so that faucet can access the hot water on demand. This is useful for users who need instant access to hot water to meet their requirements.

A circulator pump works by slowly pumping hot water through the pipes and then back to the heater through the line. Circulator pumps are ideal for conserving water, and they can save about 1000 gallons of water per person annually.

How to Lubricate Bell & Gossett Circulator Pumps?

To lubricate your Bell & Gossett circulator pumps, follow the steps given below:

     Check the Oil Level: Start by determining the oil level by checking the oil level window on the side of the circulator pumps. See whether it's located in the center point of the lowest roller.


     Find the Lubricating Ports: Identify the lubricating ports in the circulator pumps. It's usually a small hole that has "oil" written nearby. If not, you can recognize them through a cap. It's placed to keep the hole safe from dust.


     Choosing Lubricating Oil: It's recommended to check the Bell & Gossett circulator pumps manual to find the right lubricating oil. As bearings may require different viscosity, it's best to follow what the guide says.


     Lubrication Process: Add about 1-2 drops of lubricating oil to the filler holes. It's best not to go overboard with the oil as it may attract dust and cause clogging issues for the pump 

Bell & Gossett Pumps Company Overview

Bell & Gossett is one of the largest and most renowned manufacturers of pumps, heat exchangers, accessories for plumbing/wastewater, HVAC applications, etc. It was founded by W.C. Bell and E.J. Gossett in 1916 Chicago. While they started off as a manufacturer of sell case hardening compounds and potable water heaters, the duo eventually dominated the pump industry.

Bell & Gossett is a Xylem brand and has more than 100 years of expertise. They are extremely particular about effectiveness, expertise, and education. That's why they offer online classes through the Bell & Gossett Little Red Schoolhouse to all the engineers, contractors, and installers. These classes are useful for the proper design, installation, and maintenance of the products.

Bell & Gossett A-Motors

As per their website, Xylem fulfills the "world’s most critical water challenges head-on by engineering the broadest portfolio of products, applications, and services to create efficient systems and sustainable solutions." They say that their companies fulfill the requirements of communities, industries, and populations that want the best water system improvements.

While Bell & Gossett has been an integral part of the water market for decades now, the brand still believes in improving with more world-class products and solutions. They have successfully spread their products in more than 150 countries. 

The main reason behind the popularity of Bell & Gossett pump categories is their energy efficiency and applications. The brand offers an extensive range of pumps/products that can be used in industrial, food beverage, agricultural, marine, and building service markets.

Amidst all the pump types, their circulator pumps are quite famous for good motor design and decent hydraulic performance. Besides that, the brand sells several other products like A-controls, A-flanges, A-motors, A-repairs parts, and recirculation pumps.

Pump Products houses all the listed products to sell among customers in the US. We also have feature-rich circulation pumps to meet the water requirements.

All in all, Bell & Gossett are renowned for their dedication and commitment to the mission, vision, and goals. Its products are the foremost choice for all users, including the ones needing pumps for residential or commercial applications.

Pump Products

Pump Products are the best pump sellers across the US. We are associated with the best brands like Zoeller, Liberty, Baldor, and Marathon Motors to offer your desired products.

If you didn't get any products from us, don't worry! Our experts will ensure that the required product gets delivered to you by the manufacturer.

Besides that, our extensive team of experts ensures that your pump-hunting goes just as you want!

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Reasons to Install an Alderon Controls Liquid Level Alarm Systems

Are you looking for an alarm that can ensure the safety of your equipment and prevent any costly damage? If yes, then liquid-level alarm systems are the answer for you! 

Liquid level alarm systems are float switches for tanks that can warn you if the liquid level is high or low. These alarms can be wall-mounted and are available in multiple voltage options. The products are designed to give audio, visuals, or both warnings for the liquid level conditions.

In fact, if you choose feature-rich products like Alderon liquid level alarms, you can recognize if the liquid level is becoming potentially threatening and take measures accordingly.

How Does an Alarm System Work - Versalarm Indoor Series and Versalarm Outdoor Series

The liquid level alarm system works on float-type liquid level switches. When the liquid level in the tank increases to a higher level, the float transfers to the mechanical arm/sliding pile and then turn on the switch. In many cases, the float has a small magnet that changes the state of the switch as the liquid increases or moves in its original position. These types of alarms or sensors are simple and accurate.

Alderon liquid level alarm systems come in two series, i.e., the versalarm indoor series and versalarm outdoor series. Depending on whether you want the alarm for indoor or outdoor use, you can select the products accordingly.

The outdoor alarms come with an auto-reset feature that resets the buzzer once the alarm condition becomes clear. It is waterproof against pressurized wash-downs and has auxiliary contacts and power-on lights.

Alderon Controls Alarm Systems Features and Benefits!

Alderon Controls alarm systems are renowned for their sturdy, efficient, and feature-rich models. Their 4x outdoor tank alarm has multiple applications, including lift pump chambers, sump pump basins, holding tanks, etc. Here's more about their benefits and features:



     120 VAC, 50/60 Hz

     15 watts power

     Automatic buzzer

     Red polycarbonate beacon for good visibility

     4X enclosure for outdoor use

     100 dB warble alarm buzzer

     Power-on indicator

     9 VDC battery backup (not included)

     1 Amp fuse

     Indicator lights

Alderon Industries 7013, Versa'larm Series, Tank Alarm Panel, 120 Volts, Indoor Use


     Less chance of errors due to automatic buzzer reset

     Easy service test

     Quick installation

     Decent warranty period

     UL listed for safety and performance

     CSA listed

     Easy to use and powerful performance


     Battery backup provides protection during power outages


Alderon Industries 7034, Versa'larm 4X Series, Tank Alarm Panel, 120 Volts, Outdoor Use

Alderon Controls Company

Alderon industries is a renowned producer o control panels, float switches, and specialty controls/switches for water, wastewater, HVAC, irrigation, and industrial purposes. Their extensive range of products also includes pressure boosting systems, telemetry systems, and elevator sumps, to name a few. The company is located in Hawley, a town in Minnesota, and was founded in 2000.

Alderon industries have been manufacturing quality products for about two decades now. Their long-term expertise aims to produce more standard and custom control solutions for the water and wastewater industry. They are popular for designing systems for multiple applications, including commercial, residential, municipal, industrial, and agricultural applications.

Additionally, thanks to their skilled team of engineers and assemblers, customers can access high-quality products and assistance in a hassle-free manner. The best thing about the company is that its products are tested prior to shipping. This means customers can stay assured of 100% authentic quality from the brand.

Alderon Industries might be renowned for their water protection products, pump switches, and legacy products, but their best sellers include outstanding Alderon alarm systems. These multipurpose alarm panels are applicable in various areas like septic tanks, sumps, pump chambers, holding tanks, water tanks, and many others.

Pmpp Products proudly stocks Alderon liquid level alarms (both for indoor and outdoor use). These alarm systems can immediately notify of threatening water levels by connecting the Auto dialer to the Versa'larm. Once an emergency occurs, the auto-dialer contacts around four contact members and informs them about the same.

Pump Products

Are you looking for the best Alderon Controls liquid level alarm systems? If yes, then Pump Products has got your back! With years of experience in distributing feature-rich and high-quality pumps, we stock the best pump, motors, and replacement parts in the national market.

Our association with major brands like Zoeller, Baldor, Marathon Motors, Leeson, Liberty, and more, makes us even stronger as a master stocking distributor. If you want to place an order with us, call us at our toll-free number, 1-800-429-0800. Our experts will connect with you instantly! 

How Does an Oil Pressure Sensor Work? | SJE-Rhombus Controls

If you are familiar with engines/pumps in general, you must know the importance of an oil pressure sensor. Yes, the component inspects the oil pressure in the lubrication system and ensures normal operation. These sensors are also responsible for transferring the information to the cluster gauge on the instrument panel.

But, like any other device, it's important to buy a high-quality oil pressure sensor that works effectively to deliver the best outcome. Speaking of which, SJE-Rhombus Oil Pressure Sensor is one of them! 

SJE-Rhombus Oil Pressure Sensor provides notification of potentially threatening oil and water levels in simplex pumping applications. It's designed with a factory-installed oil water switch that identifies the difference between oil and water and prevents water from entering the tank. 

How Does an Oil Pressure Sensor Work?! SJE-Rhombus Oil Sensor Controls - Features and Benefits!

To understand more about the oil pressure sensor, let's learn how it works. Oil pressure sensors are usually installed within the main oil passage. What happens is that the device that's measuring the oil pressure identifies the oil pressure and converts this pressure signal to an electrical signal. After that, the electrical signal is transferred to the signal processing circuit.

SJE-Rhombus 1033606, Oil Spotter Series

Once both current and voltage amplification occur, this amplifier pressure signal combines with the oil pressure gauge with the signal line. Through this connection, the ratio of currents that are transferring within the coil gets changed. Eventually, it helps to show the engine oil pressure.

The pressure signal is also associated with the alarm voltage set in the alarm circuit. If the voltage is low, the alarm circuit displays an alarm signal and lights up. That's all! 

Based on the SJE-Rhombus 1033606 and  SJE-Rhombus 1033578 oil spotter series, there are several features and benefits of these sensors. 

Features and Benefits of SJE-Rhombus Oil Sensor Controls

     Doesn't require wiring

     Indicators for high water/oil level

     Power and pump run indicator available

     Consists of high oil float, high water, start, stop, and reference probe

     10 ft power cord

     Rated as NEMA 1

     Accepts one 120V pump plug

     UL and cUL listed for safety standards

     Application in several areas, including transformer vaults, elevator sump basins, garages, leachate wells, etc.

     Good warranty for long-term use

SJE-Rhombus 1033578, Oil Spotter Series

SJE-Rhombus Controls Company

SJE Rhombus (brand of SJE Inc.) is a well-known control provider with over 40 years of experience in the latest technology pump control. They are known for delivering reasonable, efficient, and feature-rich products for commercial, residential, industrial, municipal, and agricultural purposes.

The company was launched back in the mid-1970s (1975), and since then, its trouble-free liquid level controls for water, wastewater, and sewage Industries are top-rated. Their products aren't just limited to the United States and Canada alone but also to other parts of the world.

Out of all their products, their oil pressure sensors are the best-seller among buyers. These oil spotter systems are created to control pumps for easy connections in indoor simplex pump applications. They act as a perfect indicator to ensure efficient pump operations. Pump Products are proud sellers of reasonable and best-in-class SJE-Rhombus oil pressure sensor or oil spotter systems. 

All these years, the company has always stayed committed to producing excellent products for its customers. Their engineered products are so top-notch that it positions the company for more reliability and good performance to overcome any hurdle related to control solutions.

One thing that the SJE Rhombus team religiously focuses on is their product quality. Amidst the company's other objectives and mission, delivering quality products is the central part of its business. Their expert team understands the importance of the highest quality standards in product manufacturing and aims to deliver the same.

That's why they use world-class quality management systems and practices to fulfill all customer requirements (concerning compliance and cost). Also, the best thing about their products is that they are fully guaranteed. If you check their catalogs, you will find out that most of their products are backed up with at least a five-year limited warranty. This is especially useful for those who want oil pressure sensors for long-term use.

Pump Products

Do you want a high-quality and flawlessly working SJE-Rhombus oil pressure sensor for your application? If yes, then Pump Products can help you with it. We stock the industry-leading pump, pump parts, and motors in the US, so you can get what you want in a hassle-free manner. Our list of associations with top brands also includes SJE-Rhombus.

So, you can choose your favorite products through our catalog and place an order for quick delivery. We also offer budget-friendly rates for the product, so you wouldn't be spending a fortune on your requirements.

If you wish to speak/inquire about anything with us, call us at 1-800-429-0800. We will get back to you instantly. 

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Save Water with Taco Recirculating Pumps

Do you or your family members have the bad habit of turning on the shower before you actually start bathing? Are you looking for a way to resolve it? If yes, then hot water recirculating pumps are the answer for you.

When you go for a bath, you must turn on the shower to check whether the water is hot or not. While this habit is common in many people, it's not so environmentally friendly. That's because you are wasting gallons of water with this habit.

That's why it's worth using Taco recirculating pumps, efficient pumps designed to recirculate hot water consistently within a closed-loop system. This means you would get hot water readily while saving on both water and energy.

Taco Smart Plus Series and Genie Series: Features and Benefits!

The Taco recirculating pumps have two highly-efficient series, i.e., the Taco Smart Plus series and Taco Genie series circulator pumps. While the former has a mode select toggle switch with two operation modes (pulse or smart), the latter category is ideal for delivering hot faucets and taps when necessary.

This feature can save water of about 12,000 gallons every year (a family of four). These series are also known for other features and benefits like below:

Features and Benefits of Smart Plus Series

Taco SPE-1, Model SmartPlus-e ECM Hot Water Recirculation System with Smart-Plug Control


     Maximum shut-off head (13 feet) and flow (11 GPM)

     Various connection options, including the high-efficient ECM motors (use 85% less electricity)

     SureStart automatic unblocking

     Air purging mode

     1" union connection with customizable 1/2" & 3/4" fitting sets

     Stainless steel construction


     Easy-to-use dial with low, medium, and high levels

     Easy installation

     Compact design

     Lesser noise levels

     Double insulated, ground wire is not required

     003 and 006 performance point references

Features and Benefits of Genie Series

Taco 008-CT, Tacogenie 008-CT Pump


     1/25 HP and 115 volts

     Half inches NPT connection size

     3250 RPM and 0-8 GPM

     1 phase, 60 Hertz

     Stainless steel construction

     Command control


     Energy-efficient and good for saving water

     Reasonable price

     Easy installation

     No drainage or return line is necessary

     Runs only when it's activated

     Automatic senses once the water gets hot

Taco Company Overview

Taco Comfort Solutions is one of the top commercial and residential systems manufacturers that serves both the United States and Canada. The popular brand is known for its good quality water circulation pumps, hydronic accessories, air elimination, and design tools. They are also renowned for their circulators, heat transfer products, and efficient electronic controls.

The company is a 100-year-old third-generation family-owned company that's located in Cranston, Rhode Island. They have well-experienced engineers for manufacturing highly efficient heating, cooling, and plumbing comfort systems. With their expertise, the brands aim to produce products that are energy-efficient and reasonable at cost. The brand also works on retaining indoor environmental quality through well-designed pumps.

Taco Comfort Solutions was founded back in 1930 by Elwood White as Thermal Appliance Company. The brand's first product was a firepot generator that helped to heat water through coal fire. Taco spread its roots throughout the international market. Their high-quality and efficient products/technologies made them a big name in the industry. Eventually, they changed the name from Thermal Appliance Company to Taco.

While Taco is famous for its wide range of products, one of its best sellers is the recirculating pumps. Their outstanding recirculating pumps can save gallons of water (yearly) and reduce electrical consumption by up to 94 %. This value is as per the standard continuous run domestic hot water recirculation pumps.

Pump Products also stocks the best Taco recirculating pumps for sale. Other than the varieties, we can give you the most reasonable price for these products so you don't miss out on a high-performing recirculating pump. 

Moving forward, Taco is also known for its sustainable approach. They understand the importance of the natural world and strive to be good stewards that maintain sustainability in their services. With this, they want to ensure that the upcoming generation has the same opportunity we enjoy.


Pump Products

With so many benefits, you must be looking for water-saving Taco recirculating pumps too. If yes, then your search ends here! With years of expertise in selling pumps, pump parts, and motors, Pump Products is one of the most efficient sellers of high-quality Taco recirculating pumps.

We are known for distributing the best-in-class products throughout the US, including your address. You can check our online catalog to learn about the model numbers, specifications, part numbers, sizes, manufacturers, etc. This will help you find any product you must search for elsewhere!

For more details, contact us at 1-800-429-0800. Our customer representative will help you!


Know More About Myers Sump Pumps |

Isn't it annoying when your basement or crawlspace gets flooded with water during monsoon? It leads to musty smells, damaged walls, and ruined belongings which are all too hard to manage. Plus, you have to go through the trouble of dewatering and cleaning your basements.

To avoid such inconvenience, it's important to keep your basements dry and dusted. And how could you do so? Through sump pumps!

Myers sump pumps are industry-leading and durable sump pumps that can be used for dewatering purposes. It can remove water from the flooded area and transfer it to where it causes fewer problems. These products are a good choice for regions more prone to storms and heavy rainfall.

Myers MS33PT10, MS Series, Sump Pump with Tethered Float Switch

Myers Sump Pumps - Features and Benefits

Myers offers different categories of pumps and sump pumps, including battery backup pumps, pedestal sump pumps, and utility pumps. Each of these categories offers useful features and benefits to prevent gradual water build-up.

Features of Myers Sump Pumps

     Battery backup pumps: Smart charging technology, five times faster battery, good battery life, compact design.

     Basement sump pumps: Tethered float switch for sump pits, dual ball-bearing motor, additional lip seal, zinc motor housing, oil filler motor, automatic reset to prevent thermal overload.

     Pedestal sump pumps: Thermoplastic and cast-iron exterior, top-screened inlet to avoid clogging, high GPM rate, adjustable float switch.

     Utility pumps: Light-weighted, in-built carrying handle, efficient PSC motor, full mechanical shaft seals.

Note that these features are based on the Myers sump pump models provided by Pump Products. 

Benefits Of Myers Sump Benefits

     Designed for areas that need frequent drainage

     Quick water removal

     Efficient, easy to use

     Quick and easy installation process

     In-built reliability

     Maintenance-free operations

     Longer life

     Reasonable cost

Myers Company Overview

Myers is one of the leading companies that provide a wide range of water well, sewage, sump, and utility pumps along with other accessories. Since their establishment, they have transformed the water pump industry through genuine technological modifications and efficient features.

Myers was founded by the brother-duo Francis and Philip Myers in 1870. They started their business in Ashland, Ohio, by building farm implements first. After that, they went on to manufacture the very first double-acting hand pump. This pump supplied water on both up and down strokes.

One of the biggest breaks of FE Myers was when they manufactured a water pump with a special glass valve seat. The pump was free from any corrosion and leakage. The design became an instant hit, and even their competitors bought it.

With their success, the Myers brothers expanded their business with wastewater removal and industrial pumps/systems over decades. In just 12 years, nearly 30,000 dealers were selling their water pumps so you can imagine their demand! With time, they included their brothers Alvah and Denton in the business, too, as they needed help with the management.

After the death of the Myers brothers in 1950, the demand for household water pumps reduced. So, they decided to manufacture water filtration, water softening systems, and other efficient pumps.

Myers SMF25NO, Mechanical Float Switch

1960 was a big turning point for the Myers family as they sold the business to McNeil Corporation in Akron, Ohio. It was then sold again to Pentair in 1986, who then vaulted the company's pumps and grinders to greater heights. They became a hit in the wastewater industry for providing their customers with high-quality wastewater submersible solids handling pumps.

In 1996, Pentair Myers added two pumps, i.e., the Aplex medium and heavy-duty reciprocating pumps, to their brand portfolio. With these additions, the company got a wider reach in the industry.

From effluent to sewage, Myers offers an extensive range of pumps to its customers. But, one of their bestsellers is sump pumps. They offer a line of durable and dependable sump pumps to keep the areas free from water accumulation.

Pump Products is a proud distributor of Myers pumps. In the year 2020, Myers completed their 150 years in the industry. With this achievement, they aim to grow throw tradition, craftsmanship, and engineering. We offer a wide variety of their products, including sewage pumps, high temp pumps, sink pump systems, centrifugal pumps, and many more. With us, you can also get their controls, repair parts, and accessories.

Pump Products

Are you looking for the most reasonable and high-quality Myers sump pumps for your basements? Pump Products have got your back. We are a team of expert distributors who can deliver the best-in-industry pumps, generators, and electric motors to your US address. Whether it's reasonable prices, quick shipment, or overnight delivery, we promise to offer you the best customer experience with our services.

You can connect with our engineers and customer care representatives to know the ideal pump size, type, and customer-fitted equipment necessary for application. If you want to know more about us, visit our website or call us at 1-800-429-0800. Our experts will help you with all your pump-related inquiries instantly.

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Buy Best-Selling See Water Controls/Alarms |

Places that require water storage and transfer in large quantities also need measures to keep the processes in check. It can be disastrous for pumps to keep running without any checks, with the consequences being both wasteful and destructive.

Now, there are two ways you can monitor water levels at large units, like industrial and commercial complexes. There is an option of employing human workers or machines. If we think about it from all perspectives, it makes very little sense to use valuable human resources only to monitor, especially when there are other options.

That's where water controls and alarms come into play. To give you a brief introduction to water controls and alarms, there are five main components of it:

·         Alarm systems

·         Auto dialers

·         Control panels

·         Float switches

·         Junction switches

These parts are generally used together as a complete water level monitoring solution. In some cases, individual components can be useful in themselves.

There are many use cases for water alarms and controls, but they are more widely used in industrial sectors. The average domestic unit would not require high-precision water monitoring tools. That being said, exceptional cases can still call for water monitoring solutions for domestic units.

What are water controls and alarms?

Water controls and alarms are a complete suite of mechanical and digital products to monitor the movement of water in high-storage units. Whenever there is a chance of the water level going below or above a minimum or maximum limit, the system warns the operators. There are various ways of warning the operators as well. It can be visual alarms, audio alarms, or a combination of both. Depending on how advanced the machinery is, operating it can be very easy to quite difficult. However, trained operators do not face any issues in either case.

Water controls and alarms from See Water

There are many manufacturers of water controls and alarms. However, not all manufacturers do an equally good job. See Water is a brand that has excelled in the design and manufacturing of water controls and alarms for many years now.

See Water SSP-3, Simple Simplex 3 Power Box Plugger Control Panel

The company was founded in 1995 by Rory McDonald. Before founding See Water, he worked for 36 years in Southern California Edison. With his experience, he designed the first landmark product from See Water - the Oil Smart® pump switch. After that, See Water continued innovating and designing more products in the same space.

In 2005, the Oil Smart® alarm was released by See Water, and by 2006, See Water had established its manufacturing facility in San Jacinto, Calif. In 2012, Rory McDonald retired from the position after taking the company to the next level. Mike Johnson took over the chief position in the company and continued to work on the foundation set by Rory McDonald. In the same year, See Water also got the UL 508A and UL 698A certifications. Now the company was at a stage where everyone within the circuit started to recognize it by name. However, that did not stop the innovation by any margin.

See Water RSA-50, Remote Secondary Alarm

Within the next 5 years, the company had more demands than it could fulfill with its old manufacturing facility. As a result, the earlier factory shifted to Riverside, Calif in 2017 as a much larger production facility with much more capacity.

Since 2017, See Water has released upgraded versions of various earlier models. It continues to make its tools better with every upgrade. There are many new designs as well. Now, See Water is arguably the biggest brand in the water control and alarm industry.

Buy water controls and alarms from See Water at

While there is a very important requirement for water controls and alarms in various industries, it is still difficult to find trusted sellers. With, you would never need to worry about not finding reliable sellers again. is a dedicated seller and service provider for pumping solutions, including water controls and alarms. There are many reasons to choose reliable after-sales service, prompt customer support, and a wide collection of products. If you are looking for a single place for all pumping needs, is the way to go.

When buying industrial machinery, there are many things you need to pay attention to. For example, the originality of the product is a big concern at a time when counterfeiting is so common. With, you get certified original products. Apart from that, getting service whenever you need it is a big concern for many people. takes care of that as well, with a dedicated support team. Check out See Water controls and alarms at today and check out the entire store.

We hope you find the right water control and alarm for your needs at 

Crown Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps: How it Works, Types, Features, and Benefits

When pumps have to be used for several intermittent operations in processing plants, you would ideally want something that can offer increased efficiency. This is exactly what self-priming pumps offer.  Self-priming pumps always have some amount of start-up liquid in their body or cavity, so they are always ready to start the pumping process. Crown Centrifugal Pumps with Self-Priming capabilities are the best in the market when it comes to efficient handling of intermittent operations. 

Manufactured by Crane Engineering, Crown Centrifugal Pumps are Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps that are designed for heavy-duty dewatering and construction wastewater applications. They basically come in two different configurations –

·         Close-Coupled and Frame-Mounted

·         V-Belt Drive

The Crown Self-Priming Pumps offer superior performance up to a maximum of 4,400 GPM and the pump fluids up to a height of 184 ft (or 56m). Besides this, they can also handle spherical solids measuring 80 mm.

How do Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps work?

Centrifugal pumps are usually not designed to be self-priming. The pumping action in centrifugal pumps occurs when the impeller rotates to displace the liquid in the cavity so that it is forced to flow out. In the standard centrifugal pumps, the fluid enters the impeller and is then discharged to the outer perimeter. However, air pockets can form, which can impair the proper functioning of the pump. Self-priming centrifugal pumps overcome this issue by mixing any residual air with the fluid through a priming process. Through this process of blending, the resulting mix is able to move through the pump’s body rapidly on start-up, and the normal pump operations start with ease.

Crown Centrifugal Pumps – Key Features

·         Constructed with cast iron.

·         Shaft made from high carbon steel

·         Two vane iron open impeller

·         Corrosion-resistant

·         Single mechanical seal

It can be customized to include –

·         Double mechanical seals.

·         V-belt for base mounting.

·         Oil-lubricated seals.

Crown Centrifugal Pumps – Applications

 Crown Centrifugal Self-Priming Pumps can be used in a variety of commercial and industrial facilities, from power plants, steel mills, and wineries to sewage treatment facilities. Here are some of its common applications –

·         Liquid transfer systems.

·         Basement floodwater pumps.

·         Irrigation.

·         Sewage treatment.

·         Bailing out boats.

·         For increasing water pressure.

·         For pumping fuels, raw sewage, clear or gray water, industrial wastewater, etc.

Crown 3C0XD-0007X-001, B30-7X Series, Self Priming Pump

Crown Centrifugal Pumps – Benefits

·         Efficient operation.

·         Best for frequent pumping operations as it eliminates the steps for initial start-up.

·         Capable of handling a wide variety of liquids.

·         Can work fairly well with suspended solids, corrosive liquids, and slurries.

·         Easily serviceable.

·         Low capital cost.

·         Helps in saving money.


Crown Pumps Company

Crown is a part of the Crane Pumps Company, with a focus on designing and developing products for wastewater and construction dewatering applications. The Crown Centrifugal Pumps with Self Priming capabilities are the best in the market for handling frequent and intermittent pumping operations. The most popular Crown products are the solids-handling Self Priming Pump Series and the B Self Priming Series. All Crown products are designed to maximize pump efficiency while offering ease of serviceability and low capital costs.

Pump Products currently houses a huge variety of Crown Pumps: B30-7X Series, B40-10X Series, B40-8F Series, B40-9D Series, B40-9H Series, B60-10L Series, B60-11H Series, B60-11X Series, B60-12X Series, and BH7-6D Series.

The parent company, Crane Pumps, is committed to providing a various innovative pumping solutions for efficient and effective transportation of fluids. All the Crane Pumps products are designed, developed, and manufactured in the United States, in a small town of Ohio called Piqua. Crane Pumps has been an integral part of the local community in Piqua, providing job opportunities in the region since 1965.

Crane’s Process Flow Technologies (CPFT): The Crane Pumps and Pumping Systems are included in the CPFT segment of the company. CPFT provides highly-efficient Crane-engineered products to water & wastewater, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, and general industrial markets. These products feature differentiated designs and propriety technology, which can help in solving the toughest challenges faced by these markets.

Crane is defined by its commitment to improving continuously to provide better solutions to its users. It is also well-known for its high degree of responsiveness and exceptional customer service.

Pump Products

 If you are looking for a one-stop shop for the best-quality pumps, generators, electric motors, and other pump products, then Pump Products is the place for you. We at Pump Products stock all the major brands like Crown, Zoeller, Liberty, Goulds, and many more. All the products featured in the Pump Products catalog are included after extensive research and vetting. When you buy any product at Pump Products, you can be assured of its dependability. We always do our best to offer you the lowest prices for the products. Interested in ordering a Self-Priming Crown Centrifugal Pumps? Visit our site today. You can also call us at 1-800-429-0800 if you can’t find what you’re looking for.