Monday, April 19, 2021

Why it’s Important to Have a Dependable Sump Pump?


A sump pump is one of the most important components of a building’s wastewater management system. But, overused and aged sump pumps can experience a lot of problems. Having a dependable model from the Barnes Sump Pumps series or Zoeller Premium Sump Pumps series can ensure that your sump pump doesn’t:

             Break down.

             Burn out.

             Have a clogged intake or discharge line.

             Become slow.


What are sump pumps, and why are they necessary?

Sump pumps are integral to a building’s plumbing system. They enable building owners to remove the excess water in the basement and prevent flooding and foundational weakness. A dependable sump pump will be able to ensure that wastewater from the pipes doesn’t stagnate in the basement and cause mold and mildew. It will alert the building residents when the water level is above the specified safety levels and ensure that the owner has time to call in professional help. Plus, a reliable and functioning sump pump will keep the soil stable and prevent buildings from experiencing stability issues and disasters. This is where the Barnes Sump Pumps series or Zoeller Premium Sump Pumps series can really help.

In this article, we look at how Barnes Sump Pumps and Zoeller Premium Sump Pump can help you set-up a reliable, durable and inexpensive sump pump in your plumbing system. You can’t go wrong with Barnes Sump Pumps and Zoeller Premium Sump Pumps: Here’s why.

Features and benefits of Barnes Sump Pumps - UT17 Series

Barnes is a global leader in pump products, and their Barnes Sump Pumps - UT17 Series is one of their premium-range products and highly versatile in nature.


             UT17 series Barnes Sump Pumps are made using special thermoplastic, which is completely anti-corrosive.

             These pumps are capable of handling both liquid waste and solid waste up to 1/8".

             Can be used as an automatic pump if merged with a piggy-back float.


             The UT17 series of Barnes Sump Pumps is ideal for both residential and commercial needs.

             It is a portable device that is compact and easy-to-install.

             The UT17 sump pumps are easy to maintain, thanks to the very few accessories they have in place.

Features of Barnes 113824

The Barnes 113824 is the premier model of the UT17. This Barnes sump pump is used in many places because of the following features:

             It is a fully submersible sump pump that can be placed up to 1/8" before the surface of the ground. A 15ft power cord helps connect the pump to a power source.

             It is designed for home, and light industrial usage, such as to drain pools, pump out shallow ponds and other light sump pump needs.

             A single-phase class B motor prevents the 113824 from overheating.

             The sump pump comes with a built-in strainer that prevents large solids from clogging the pump.

             This sump pump works at 1/6 HP, 3450 RPM.

             It is portable and can be carried using a pre-molded handle.


Barnes 113824, Model UT17, Submersible Sump and Utility Pump

Features and benefits of Zoeller Premium Sump Pumps Series

The range of Zoeller Premium Sump Pumps for basement pumping and light industrial wastewater management has received wide acclaim for their excellent quality and long service life. Other reasons why customers like this series include:


             The Zoeller Premium Sump Pumps series are fully submersible and can be used for different commercial dewatering & groundwater applications.

             These pumps are coated with a specialized epoxy finish to protect them from staining and corrosion.

             Uses advanced switch technology.


             Zoeller offers a 5-years long warranty on all their premium sump pump models.

             Every pump in this series is pressure tested to handle the high pressure of underground water pumping.

             Since Zoeller has a global presence, it is very easy to access repair and replacement parts when you need them.

Now, let’s take a look at the best models in these series.

Zoeller Sump Pumps

Features of Zoeller 63-0001

The Zoeller 63-0001 is a cutting-edge sump pump that boats of a host of advanced features, such as:

             Cast-iron base and vortex impeller to prevent corroding.

             Stainless steel handle for easy portability.

             Non-clog design with the ability to process 1/2" spherical solids.

             Advanced switch technology.

             1-1/2" NPT discharge.

             LED lighted plug with durable, industrial-grade 10ft power cord.

             This pump runs on a 3/10 HP, 115 volts, 1 phase, 9.7 amps power.

             Flow rate of 43GPM.

Zoeller 63-0001, Model 63, Premium Series, Sump Pump


Features of Zoeller 95-0001

The Zoeller 95-0001 is a more recent and hi-tech model in the Zoeller Sump Pumps range. Also called the "Flow-Mate" model, it has the following features:

             Complete epoxy powder coated cast iron base, body, switch case, motor, and pumping house. Stainless steel screws, handles, guards, arms, and seal assembly.

             Completely submersible body with advanced 2-pole mechanical float-operated switch.

             Capable of withstanding high temperatures up to 130 degrees F. Only temperature and pressure tested components used.

             Water-resistant and non-corrosive neoprene square ring that keeps water from inundating the space between the motor and pumping house.

             1-1/2” NPT discharge and with the capacity to process 1/2” spherical solids.

             5-year warranty on the entire Zoeller 95-0001 assembly.

Zoeller 95-0001, Model M95, Flow-Mate Premium Series Sump Pump


About Barnes

Founded in 1895, Barnes has been delivering world-class sump pumping innovations for over a century. The company’s wide range of Barnes Sump Pumps, fountain pumps, non-clog pumps, grinder pumps, dewatering systems, and pressure sewer systems have helped thousands of people keep buildings safe from harm.

About Zoeller

One of the oldest and most reputed manufacturers of water management and waste management technology, Zoeller Company produces world-class sump pumps. A family-owned business with a legacy of premium-quality work, their range of Zoeller Sump Pumps is one of the best to invest in whether you have a residential or commercial application.

About Pump Products

Pump Products is a premier stockist of Barnes Sump Pumps and Zoeller Premium Sump Pumps in the United States. We supply sump pumps to homes, commercial units, industrial organizations, and municipal bodies across the world. Our budget-friendly prices, quick & personalized service, an expansive selection of pumps and pump accessories make us the number one choice to purchase sump pumps. Visit our website to place your order.