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Do you need a Re-Circulating Pump? Find out here.


Re-circulating pumps have been standard fixtures in star hotels, gyms, and dining establishments for many years, but slowly they are becoming more common in private residential use. The advantage of having hot water on demand with reduced energy costs makes the use of such devices attractive for several reasons.

These pumps come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. Their inlet and outlet remain aligned, and they move fluid via centrifugal forces. The function of a recirculating pump is to keep hot water moving through the pipes so that it's available at the faucet immediately. Re-Circulating pumps are also used in larger heating systems so that different parts or zones within the building remain supplied with hot water.

You will find a wide variety of re-circulating pumps in the market. The most efficient among them with great features are Armstrong Astro 2 Pumps and B&G re-circulation pump. Their features are described below.

Features and benefits of Armstrong Astro Express 2

Armstrong Astro Express 2 pumps find their best applications in domestic water distribution that require two-pipe plumbing standard installations.

The re-circulation system consists of a low flow valve and circulator to provide instant hot water in a residential plumbing system. The design feature of these pumps focuses on saving the cooled water each time the hot water faucet is opened. This is easily achieved when the Low-flow valve, instead of sending cooled water into the drain, sends cooled hot water into the cold-water supply line. This means cooled water is not wasted. On average, it saves 12,000 gallons of water every year per family of an average of 4 members.

These pumps are ideal for retrofit applications. The circulator uses stainless steel in its construction, and the bronze valve is free of lead. The pump configures the circulator and low-flow valve while its performance range is 0 USgpm to 9.5 USgpm flow and its head is 0 to 6 feet. The other features include the power range of 33W, the maximum ambient temperature of 40 degrees C, and the maximum fluid temperature of 110 degrees C.

Armstrong 561100LF-001, Astro Express Lead-Free Valve

This Armstrong 561100LF-001 model is designed as an addition to faucets off the main distribution pipe or for lengthy branches. It can be used with Armstrong Astro Express 2 circulators and is easy to install. Its internal components are made of plastic, and stainless steel has been used wherever required.


Armstrong 561100LF-001 Astro Express Lead-Free Valve

The pump is designed for indoor use only. The plastic wall anchors with screws help in easy mounting. The flow-rate can be controlled 100% with a multi-turn slotted screw. The wetted surface has minimal lead content of 0.25% or less. Forged Eco brass with Noryl cap is used in housing. The hot and cold inlets and outlets are ½ “and 3/8” respectively. The maximum working pressure is 100 psi, while the maximum water temperature is 140 degrees F.

Features and benefits of B&G Ecocirc E3 Recirculating Pumps

This domestic B&G Ecocirc E3 Recirculating Pump is shaft-free. It is marked by high performance and is designed to save energy. It is the first pump that requires 10 watts to run, which is about the same as a night light. In comparison to the standard circulating pump energy consumption, it saves 68% of electricity.

Bell & Gossett Model e3-4V/BTXYZ ecorcic e3 Series Circulator

This high energy efficient re-circulation pump saves energy and performs more efficiently than standard pumps due to its highly efficient electronically commutated motor design. The microprocessor technology enables the motor to perform optimally on precise frequency and voltage. A permanent magnet motor does away with the input power requirement needed to magnetize the rotor. This results in the maximization of efficiency.

It is due to these great design qualities that the pump gets a superior starting torque in comparison to the other similar motor pumps.

The bearing in the motor can self-realign as the system fluid automatically lubricates and cools. The rotor being magnetically centered on the bearing can tilt and thereby avoid blockage by small particles of dust. A safe start is guaranteed even when the pump has remained shut off for long. It can be easily cleaned using common household cleaners. Cleaning may not be generally needed unless for scale deposits.

The greatest attraction of this pump is its low energy consumption with a small footprint. The other attractions include its lightweight, variable speed, and easy installation. There are several options included, such as plug/cord, plug-in timer, and built-in thermostat.

Armstrong & B&G Company

Armstrong Fluid Technology is a well-known manufacturer of fluid flow equipment, including heat exchangers, control solutions, valves, and pumps based on intelligent design.

Bell & Gossett is a leading manufacturing company that manufactures heat exchangers, pumps, valves, and accessories.

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Pumps Products is the master pumps and parts distributor. The company is dedicated to supplying the highest quality pumps, motors, and accessories at the lowest prices.