Thursday, September 23, 2021

When was the last time you replaced your circulator pump?

 A circulator pump is used to circulate fluid, air, and other materials inside a closed circuit. They are most commonly used for circulating water in heating or cooling systems. The ones used in homes are often small and rated at a fraction of horsepower. Circulator pumps that are used in large commercial settings can go up to many horsepowers, and the pump body and electric motor are separated by mechanical coupling. Circulator pumps are becoming increasingly popular, and Bell & Gossett circulator pumps and Wilo circulator pumps are some of the most well-known in the market.

When should you replace your circulator pump?

When you have a circulator pump running in the plumbing system of your home, there is hot water constantly circulating within the closed circuit. Hot water is ready whenever you need it, and you don’t need to drain gallons of cold water waiting for it to get to the right temperature.

However, if you see any of these signs below, you may need to consider replacing your circulator pump.

Excessive noise

If you notice that your pump has become excessively noisy, it is a sign you should not ignore. Excessive air within the pump could make it noisy or it may have a loose bearing that is rattling inside the pump. You could let the excess air out or fix the bearing to remedy the problem. However, if it does not solve the issue, you may need to get your pump looked at.

Water leakage

Leaky pumps could indicate faulty joints or flanges that cause the water to seep out. If your circulator pump is leaking, you will also notice less water pressure in your faucets. You could apply caulk to the leaks to resolve the issue. If that does not solve the problem, you may need to consider repairing or replacing your pump.

Pump not working

Do you have hot water running in one sink and not the other? It could mean that your circulator pump is not working. There could be several reasons why that could happen. It could be due to a lack of power in the pump or a damaged part. Sometimes, corroded wires also cause a pump to stop working. If your pump is too small for your household needs, then also it may not work efficiently. You must have a professional look at a pump that is not working correctly. They would suggest whether you need to replace the pump or get it repaired to fix the issue.

If you are looking for durable circulator pumps, you may consider buying Bell & Gossett circulator pumps or Wilo circulator pumps. Let’s explore their features below.

B&G NBF Series

Bell & Gossett, founded in 1916, is one of the leading manufacturers of pumps and valves in the world. The B&G NBF Series is a collection of in-line wet rotor circulator pumps designed for quiet operation in potable water systems. All the pumps in this series have completely lead-free, bronze bodies.

Bell & Gossett 103257LF Model NBF-8S/LW Series NBF Circulator Pump

The Bell & Gossett 103257LF is a wet rotor circulator pump with a completely lead-free bronze body. It has a high starting torque which means you get several years of hassle-free start-ups. It is noiseless and practically maintenance-free, thanks to the unique B&G DuraGlide Bearing system. The closed impeller design of this pump greatly enhances operating efficiency.


Bell & Gossett 103257LF, Model NBF-8S/LW, Series NBF, Bronze Circulator Pump


Bell & Gossett 103260LF Model NBF-12F/LW Series NBF Circulator Pump

If you are looking for a circulator pump for residential or light commercial heating applications, consider getting the Bell & Gossett 103260LF. It is a wet rotor circulator pump with a whisper-quiet , and high starting torque ensures that there are no problems starting the pump whatsoever. The B&G DuraGlide Bearing system makes the pump ultra-quiet and maintenance-free.


Bell & Gossett 103260LF, Model NBF-12F/LW, Series NBF, Bronze Circulator Pump

Wilo Stratos Series

Founded in 1872, the Wilo Group has evolved into one of the premium providers of pump and pump systems in the world. The Wilo Stratos Series circulator pumps are glandless pumps with threaded connections or flange connections. You will most commonly find this pump being used in hot water, heating, air conditioning, and industrial circulation applications.

Wilo 2163589, Model Stratos 1.25 x 3-25, High Efficiency (Variable Speed) Circulator

The Wilo 2163589 is a high-efficiency circulator pump with EC motor technology that reduces your energy consumption by almost 80%. It comes with an LED display and “Red Button” technology. The starting torque of this pump is three times higher than other circulator pumps. There are multiple control modules available, making it easy to integrate with building management systems.

Wilo 2163589, Model Stratos 1.25 x 3-25, High Efficiency (Variable Speed), Circulator


Wilo 2164615

The Wilo 2164615 circulator pump comes with “Green Button” technology and a 4.3” LED color touchscreen display. If you are looking for an energy-efficient circulator pump, this one is highly recommended. It also comes with innovative intelligent control functions such as Multi-Flow Adaptation, Dynamic Adapt Plus, and T Const. It also has Bluetooth so that you can connect it with your mobile device for greater convenience.


Wilo 2164615, Model Stratos-MAXO 2x3-35, High-Efficiency Circulator

Pump Products

If you are in the market for a good circulator pump, Bell & Gossett circulator pumps and Wilo Circulator pumps are great choices. These brands offer high-quality pumps providing hassle-free operation for several years. is an ideal platform where you can get a wide range of quality circulator pumps. The Customer Service Representatives are very helpful and can resolve any query that you may have regarding circulator pumps. Visit their website to see their extensive range of pumps today.